“I believe in d…a glimpse to the new webpage on BUTOHBACONDELEUZE

“I believe in deeply ordered chaos” – F. Bacon
“Let us create extraordinary words, on condition that they be put to the most ordinary use and that the entity they designate be made to exist in the same way as the most common object.” ― Gilles Deleuze, Dialogues
“Butoh brings the subconscious before our very experience allowing us to see it and hear it and smell it in creative action. Butoh does not profess. Butoh insists over and over let us get to the truth. We begin to
contemplate Butoh from this point.” (Quote from Kazuo Ohno)

Butoh Bacon Deleuze is a research project, an exploration, a study aiming at producing work on this interconnection.

It is collaborative and participatory in its nature: Dance Ireland, Prof. Gerry Kearns, Michela Orlandi, Petra Shnabel, Conleth White, Agata Narcisi and the creative processual participatory platform on “Bacon and Butoh and Deleuze and you” this blog will hosts.

It encompasses practice and theoretical engagement.

Deleuze deepely engaged with Bacon, Butoh Dancers like Hijikata the founder, have created worked by him inspired and Bacon himself, offers endless possibilities. And I am the enjoyer of their experiences.

Butoh Bacon Deleuze is alive thanks to the residency currently taking place at Dance House Dance Ireland that lasts for the month of April 2014.

Thanking you deeply,
Ambra G. Bergamasco


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MINAKO SEKI WORKSHOP 27-28 June Dublin first event to open MOVING BODIES butohfestival

Dear All

It is a true pleasure and treasure to mark  the beginning of “MOVING BODIES” festival with a workshop of Minako Seki.

The workshop will be held in Dance House 27th -28th of June 2014 for a total of 10 hours, five hours per day.

info and contacts: ambra 086405452 e-mail butohfestivaldublin@gmail

The workshop is open to all and I would warmly recommend it to professional dancers as much to theatre and physical theatre professionals. Of course, beginners are absolutely encoureged to partake and very welcomed! Minako Seki has developed her own method: “Dancing Between”. You can visit her website to read more http://www.minakoseki.com or browse through the pages of this website.Minako_7news

Here below are workshop content and Minako’s short biography of her works.

“Seki Method”-Workshop 27-28 June 2014

Suitable for beginners and advanced dancers

An important part of the training is based on imagination. Imagination can bring unexpected movements and new impulses to your body. “Metamorphosis” is a key word within that; images and sensations between contemplative-meditative and queer-grotesque arise. The basic training opens the body to every possible movement. Another aim is to extend the body into the space, to expand into the venue, to use and enlarge your presence.


    • Basic Training
      • Waterbag-Body
      • Hanging Body
      • Falling Body
      • Line of Gravity
      • Body as Wave
      • Body in Space
    • Exercises of Imagination
    • Exercises of Improvisation

Minako Seki says: “I want the participant to experience, that reality is not only objective and concrete, and that dance is more than the movement of the body. To search together, to learn the technique of dance, to create positive energy, to motivate ourselves and to vitalize, to sense our physicality in a new way and to find new possibilities in it – these are also goals of the workshops”

MINAKO SEKI – short bio

Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher; founder of the Minako Seki Company; founder and director of reEnter – creative dojo. Centre for Performing Arts & Holistic Creation, which is currently in the process of being established in natural environment close to Berlin. Minako Seki belongs to the third generation of Butoh-Dancer and is one of the pioneers of Butoh in Germany. After the Festival “Rebelion des Körpers” 1986, the first Butoh-Festival in Europe, she founded tatoeba-téâtre danse grotesque in Berlin. Her dance is based on Butoh, physical theatre and contemporary forms. She named her dance style “Dancing Between“: the between is giving her endless possibilities to create movements. In her pieces she deals with consciousness and the unconscious, describes emotional states of being and the limits of reality and illusion. During the last twenty years Minako Seki improved her own body technique and teaching method and combines both in the SEKI METHOD. She is teaching all over the world and is showing her productions in Europe, USA, South-America, Japan. Collaborations as a choreographer i.a. with HAU Berlin productions of Showcase – Beat le Mot and SheShePop. Teaching assignments i.a. at Institut für angewandte Theaterwissenschaften in Giessen and at Folkwang Hochschule Essen.


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Kaoru Okumura: solo

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Kaoru Okumura: Butohlet #4

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Karou Okumura: Seattle Based

Karou Okumura is a Butoh artist based in Seattle, U.S. She studied in the 90s with Akiko Motofuji – Hijikata’s wife.

Here is more about her artistic carrier and inclinations – more information can be availed at http://kaoruokumura.com/about.aspx

“After another long interval, she encountered Seattle Butoh dancers in 2008, which kindled her dream of sharing her own art. Since then, she has enjoyed working and performing with Danse Perdue, KOGUT Butoh, etc., where she experiences how a body bridges the soul and the world.  Recently she is focusing solo butoh, premiering new piece bi-monthly, at Taoist Studies Institute and other venues. Kaoru also performed at Moore Inside Out, Settle Butoh Festival 2011, Seattle International Dance Festival 2010, 2011, and 2012″ (extract from http://kaoruokumura.com/about.aspx)


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Daisuke Yoshimoto rehearsing for a new piece: night, a park, Tokyo

Mesmerising night dance.

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